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Show Rules

For show participants/coordinators:

  • You must be a BUIC Paid Member. It is $10 to become a member and will be $15 during show months (November and April). Seniors are NOT exempt from paying dues.
  • You must attend three (3) meetings to be in the show and to receive any available discounts for after party tickets
    • Meetings that count towards the 3 will be those where attendance is taken at the end of the meeting
    • Each person must sign themselves in to have a meeting count towards their attendance
  • All show forms must be submitted at least one week prior to the Watch and Cuts. Show forms are available on the website under the Cultural Shows Tab.
  • Participants can be in two (2) acts and the fashion show
    • MC’s can be in one act + fashion show (may be subject to change according to order)
    • Seniors are EXEMPT from this rule and may participate in up to five (5) acts if the show order works-please be aware that it is difficult to accommodate everyone, so be understanding!
  • All group performances are limited to six (6) minutes and ten (10) light cues-varies according to semester
    • Solos/Duets are limited to three (3) or four (4) minutes maximum- exact time will be determined and announced before half-acts
    • The fashion show is limited to seven (7) minutes
    • Senior dance is limited to ten (10) minutes and the senior slide-show is limited to eight (8) minutes
    • All mixes are limited to these time limits, any performance exceeding the limit will be asked to change their performance accordingly
    • The ten (10) light cues must be made using the Show Lighting Cue Sheet and emailed to along with other show forms.
  • Masters of Ceremony (MC’s)
    • There will be a maximum of eight (8) MC’s
    • MC’s will be selected following a brief interview
    • MC’s will be limited to one (1) video during the show
  • Show coordinators
    • There will be a maximum of three (3) show coordinators
    • Upperclassmen will receive priority to become show coordinators, however at least one (1) freshmen coordinator will be selected
    • Show coordinators will be selected following a brief interview
    • Show coordinators will decide the name of the show and create poster with the show name which will be displayed in the Tsai Performance Center during the shows and will help board organize day of.
  • Fashion Show coordinators
    • There will be a maximum of three (3) fashion show coordinators
    • Upperclassmen will receive priority to become fashion show coordinators
    • Coordinators are selected by members of the BUIC Board and the show coordinators