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Ankur Patel

School: SMG ’16
Major: Law/Finance
Hobbies: Playing/Watching Sports, Photography/Graphic Design, Traveling
Spirit Animal: Cookie Monster


Vice President

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Siddhi Patel

School: SMG ’16
Major: Business Administration
Hobbies: Traveling, Shopping, Watching tons of reality shows, and Laughing!
Spirit Animal: Baby Kangaroo


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Aashka Shah

School: SMG ’16
Major: Finance
Hobbies: Traveling, eating desserts, Exploring Boston
Spirit Animal: Penguin


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Arabi Moorthy

School: SMG ’16
Major: Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting
Hobbies: Reading, Singing, Watching TV
Spirit Animal: Llama

Public Relations Co-Chairs

Devika Gholap

School: ENG ’18
Major: BME
Hobbies: Sports, Films, Dance
Spirit Animal: Bear

Madihah Mujeeb

School: Questrom ’18
Major: Business Administration
Hobbies: International Relations, Dancing
Spirit Animal: Sloth

Cultural Chair

Keshav Reddy

School: Questrom ’18
Major: Business
Hobbies: TV, Not responding to groupme, Basketball
Spirit Animal: Fire Ant

Community Service Co-Chairs

Nikita Bhatia

School: ENG ’18
Major: BME
Hobbies: Tripping over invisible objects, Imitating Nicki Minaj, and enjoying medium walks on the beach
Spirit Animal: Left Shark

Anisha Nawalrai

School: SHA ’18
Major: Hospitality
Hobbies: Eating, Photography, Music
Spirit Animal: Casper The Friendly Ghost


Neeti Mehta

School: CAS ’18
Major: Neuroscience with a Minor in Business Management
Hobbies: Photography, Running, Going to the beach
Spirit Animal: Sea Turtle

Webmaster (Coolest Person on Board)

Aric Patel

School: SAR ’18
Major: Health Science
Hobbies: Exercising, Football, “Netflix and Chill”
Spirit Animal: Chihuahua