About Us

Over the last 30 years the Boston University India Club (BUIC) has become the largest group of South Asians on the East Coast. With members from all over the world and from all corners of the United States, we are the essence of diversity. Anyone from the BU Community is welcome to join!

Every year we host meetings, community service events, free dinners, field day, festivals, an annual formal, and last but certainly not least, our two flagship cultural shows, each of which attract over 1000 people. These large productions have in the past showcased the best dancing, singing, and acting talent our diverse student community has to offer!

We encourage everyone here at Boston University to come check us out. At the very least, being a paid member ($10 membership fee) yields you a free show ticket and free food!! But by being a member, we hope that you can gain new connections and a better understanding of the cultural backgrounds of the South Asian community.

Our Board Members!

President: Devika Gholap

Vice President: Nikita Bhatia

Treasurer: Madihah Mujeeb

Secretary: Aric Patel

Public Relations: Varinder Singh & Devam Dhawan

Community Service: Janki Patel & Aarti Patel

Cultural Chair: Sakshi Shah

Historian: Nikita Minocha

Webmaster: Reet Chowdhary